Main Building, 2003


The unique shielding environments against cosmic ray in underground laboratories provide the settings for research opportunities in diverse fields of studies such as particle physics and astrophysics that require very low ambient radiation interference. The purpose of this workshop is to explore the prospects for developing the field of underground science in China. This will be the first OCPA workshop on this subject.

Some of the topics to be discussed in this meeting are:

The OCPA is a nonprofit professional international organization to promote physics research in general and to promote recognition of achievements by ethnic Chinese physicists in particular.

Organizing Committee:
K.S. Cheng (Univ of Hong Kong)
Ming-chung Chu (Chinese Univ of Hong Kong, co-chair)
Tao Han (Wisconsin/Tsinghua)
Kwong Lau (Univ of Houston)
John K.C. Leung (Univ of Hong Kong)
Kam-Biu Luk (Berkeley/Tsinghua, co-chair)
Jason C.S. Pun (Univ of Hong Kong, co-chair)
Yifang Wang (IHEP, Chinese Academy of Science)
Henry T.K. Wong (Academia Sinica)
Zhi-zhong Xing (IHEP, Chinese Academy of Science)
Changgen Yang (IHEP, Chinese Academy of Science)
Bing-Lin Young (Iowa State Univ)